Monday, October 13, 2008

Life continued

A follow up on some of my other blogs. Alcohol as continually been causing problems in my life. My best friend and I have patched things up but I still don't believe things will ever be the same and I have given second chances to others but as promised a third chance will not be awaiting them. As the water seemed to settle and the sky began to clear, a few others close to me snapped me back into hating alcohol even more. I don't hate people who drink or I would hate myself, but it just makes me worry for them and they make mistakes, some fixable, some permanent and I just don't find it worth it at all. Also, God is seeming non existent in my life once again. I still live by the bible and try to reflect Christ in what I do, but I just don't feel him and find it harder and harder to speak with him. "sigh" OK that's is all the bad, I needed to release it first. On a lighter note I got a job at round table! I'm getting paid minimum wage and deal with grumpy customers daily and I absolutely love it! The people I work with are amazing and I get to use my smile and up beat personality to either make people happy or piss them off. Whatever works. I have my permit test on Thursday (wait long enough?) Lord willing I will pass and then by April (important month?) I will be driving, just in time for college ahahhah I'm such a slacker.