Sunday, July 6, 2008


People go there whole lives with their "best friends" and people they count on for everything. I have a question for you... what do the people do who do not have many friends? Are they left to count on no one? Are they just doomed to face all their problems and struggles alone? Coming from personal experience, I can speak from that side of the fence. I do not have many friends (especially girls) and I find people constantly walking in and out of my life. I am finding myself being the outcast most of the time and being glared at and left out. Sure, sometimes it gets too much to handle, sometimes I get discouraged, but I have come to realize that having a group of people you can count on is not something one needs, it is a very large want. As I have watched faces blur by my life, there are a few I have found to stay by my side. You do not need a large amount of people to come over and cry with you when you have had a bad day. Some times all it takes is one. One person to lend a listening ear and have some concern for your thoughts and feelings. I need to accept the fact that I am not the kind of person to have groups of people call me every weekend to hang out, that I have a few close friends that I would give my life for, and for me, that is finally enough.

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Ben & Sara said...

it gets better after high school. you meet people who are more interested in life long commitments (of friendships) than being interested in what people are going to think of you on monday during 1st period. :)

you rock. love you.